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To start a business you need to validate the idea. Like, you can go to Twitter & other platforms and ask if people would use the app or can take feedback from various forums like Reddit. And, if you receive positive response then only it's worth going ahead with, right?

Yes, your idea needs to be validated and the process is not easy unless you've a huge social followings. But... there's a way: Product Hunt.

Yes, Product Hunt is the gold mine of ideas, especially the projects that are no longer active. There are projects that have 1000s of upvotes, people loved them at the time but are not functional now.

You might argue that those projects failed because there may be no demand for it but... there's a possibility that the idea was great but it wasn't applied properly. There can be multiple reasons for a startup to fail.

On that note, we have put together a list of Product Hunt projects that failed or are no longer functional. But... only the ones which has 500+ upvotes. 🐱‍👓

📢 We agree that it's kind of difficult to check the list one by one. And for that, we are also providing a free (and visually appealing) Airtable base with all the information at the bottom of this page.

Product Hunt inactive projects with 500+ upvotes

Please note that the list is in the decreasing order of upvotes, means highest upvoted products are on the top.

Product Hunt inactive projects

That’s it.

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