Hunter Kit for Product Hunt Launch

Hunter Kit for Product Hunt Launch

Product Hunt

If you are thinking of getting a famous hunter to launch your product on Product Hunt, you need to create a detailed and clean Hunter Kit.

A hunter kit contains all the information that a hunter will need to post your product on the Product Hunt website. And, the more organized and appealing your kit is, the more will be the chances that the hunter agrees to launch your product.

Hunter Kit for Product Hunt

Product Name

Your Product Name


Your Product Tagline in 60 Words or Less


  • Website
  • Play Store Link (if available)
  • App Store Link (if available)
  • Other links (if available)


  • Topic 1
  • Topic 2
  • Topic 3
  • Topic 4

Choose 5 or less topics from this Product Hunt topics list

Product Availability

Available now


  • Thumbnail image link

Image requirements: 馃憠 Ratio: 1:1 馃憠 Image Format: JPG, PNG, GIF 馃憠 Recommended Size: 240x240 px 馃憠 Max Size: 2MB


Paid (with a free trial or plan)

YouTube Video

  • YouTube video Link

Product Gallery

  • Gallery media download link

Gallery media requirements: 馃憠 Media Format: JPG, PNG, GIF 馃憠 Recommended Size: 1270x760 px 馃憠 Number of media: 3 or more

Short Description (260 or less characters)

A brief short description about your product. Try to explain important features of the app in 260 or less characters.

  • Awesome feature 1
  • Awesome feature 2
  • Awesome feature 3

Do you have a Promo Code?


If Yes:

  • Promo Code: PROMOCODE
  • Expiry Date: dd/mm/yyyy

Who Created the App?

  • maker1
  • maker2
  • maker3

Product Hunt (or Twitter) usernames without @ of all the makers

Product URLs

  • Product鈥檚 Twitter account
  • AngelList
  • Facebook
  • GitHub
  • Instagram
  • Medium

When do you Want to Launch

  • On dd/mm/yyyy at 12:00 am PT

It is always advisable to launch at the mid-night PT time i.e. 12:00 am Pacific Timezone. That way your product stays on the page for the longest time. And if you want to know this 12:00 am PT time in your timezone, you can use this tool.

Your Personal Details

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