Typefully Review — Twitter Thread Writing and Scheduling Tool

Typefully Review — Twitter Thread Writing and Scheduling Tool


Typefully is a distraction-free tool to supercharge and automate your Twitter account. The tool has been created by the @mailbrew team by following the less is more approach.

For me, the main attraction is the minimal and distraction-free editor that lets me write long threads without using my mouse — much like a blog post.

In this Typefully review, I will explain all the interesting features of the app, what I like and what I don't like about it.

Here we go...

Typefully review

Along with FeedHive, I have been trying Typefully for a few months now and I am absolutely in love with the tool, mainly for its amazing editor. I do not like shifting between the keyboard and mouse while writing anything, be it blog posts or threads and Typefully editor helps me with that.

Typefully features

Some of the notable features of the tool are the following:


With the paid plan ($99 per year), you can schedule an unlimited number of tweets in the future. You can even plan and create tweets/threads for your whole month in a single day.

Here's how the editor and schedule button looks like while tweeting:


And not to mention, it supports dark mode too.


Powerful analytics and an amazing dashboard are other features that you will like a lot. It shows followers, impressions, conversion, and tweets performance in nice-looking graphs. Here's how the analytics dashboard looks like:


Cool, isn't it?

Multiple accounts

The paid plan of Typefully lets you handle multiple Twitter accounts at once — the interface makes it very easy to manage several accounts.

You can even publish a tweet on all your account from the tool.

Share drafts

How if you could show a tweet/thread to your colleagues before it goes live?

Typefully lets you share tweets with a private link to your friends and colleagues before it goes live on Twitter. This feature helps you get any feedback on the tweet and avoid any spelling or grammar mistakes.


Typefully has 2 pricing plans:

  • Free — unlimited threads/tweets and 1 scheduled tweet/thread
  • Pro — $99 per year (all the pro features)

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