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Notion offers probably the easiest and fastest way to create blogs by using Notion as CMS. You can just write the articles inside Notion and it will be automatically published within minutes.

With the amazing organization and management capabilities of Notion, more and more people have started creating their blogs using Notion powered platforms like


Pricing is competitively priced at $10 per month for a single blog which is pretty reasonable to me. It also has other higher plans if you plan to start multiple blogs. You can visit their official website to more about the pricing plans by clicking the link below: 👇

Some of the important features of are:

  • Syncs automatically with Notion — as soon as you make any changes in your Notion page, it automatically updates to your website within minutes
  • Custom domains — no, your blog's URL won't look like you can add custom domain like or subdomain like
  • SEO optimized — it offers options to add custom meta title and description (also OG image) for better SEO
  • Integrated Analytics — also offers a complete analytics dashboard so that you won't need to manually connect it to Google Analytics or other analytics services
  • Canonical tags are probably the most important feature of the platform; while re-sharing or re-purposing your blog posts, you can add the canonical tag to the original article
  • Automatic pretty URLs — without this feature your blog post URLs will look something like
  • Static site — since your blog is completely static much like the static sites built using Gatsby or Hugo, it's blazing fast
  • Automatic sitemap and RSS feed — the platform automatically creates and updates your sitemap and RSS feed every time you create a new blog post
  • Custom CSS/JS — it lets you add custom CSS or JS snippets globally or at the page level has almost all the features that you'd expect from an ideal blogging platform. I have extensively tested the platform and here's how an individual post looks like inside your Notion dashboard: 👇

Properties of an individual blog post
Properties of an individual blog post
Start writing your articles as you normally would 👆
Start writing your articles as you normally would 👆

Out of all the Notion-powered blog creation platforms that I have tested, is the best because it cares for tiny yet important things like sitemap, RSS feed, canonical tags, etc.

You can get started with by clicking the below link: 👇


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