Our mission

To help makers generate ideas

The story

Nothing is original. Steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination. — Jim Jarmusch

And, the more resources you look at, the more ideas you get.

We were thinking of redesigning our personal websites and decided to collect 100 others’ personal sites for inspiration. We went on to Twitter (and a couple of other places) and manually scraped a lot of great websites.

Later, we thought that the list could help others too; we created a simple website to showcase the list and launched it on Product Hunt (our very first product on Product Hunt). We were blown away by the unexpected response it received. The list became the #5 product of the day with 200+ upvotes and several comments.

And, that led to 100 Exposed (this website) where we provide lists about various things that are useful to creators.

How we prepare the lists

The Human Touch.

100 Exposed data analysts are the experts who provide manual data validation and curation.

After discovering the topic, we go on an extensive research mode to find out all the useful data points from multiple platforms (the origin of the data is also mentioned).

We do not use any automated process to scrape data. Everything is manually selected and checked properly before it makes it to our “100 Exposed” lists. Our in-house team of data experts provides manual verification for our daily updates.

The team

Currently, we are a small team of 4 people working from remote locations.

Deepak K (Maker, 100 Exposed)

Bikash Kampo (Maker, 100 Exposed)

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